Acupuncture needle

About Acupuncture

Acupuncture uses the body’s natural healing capacity to restore physical and emotional health. By placing thin, sterile needles in specially selected locations, we gain direct access to deep reserves of energy moving in the skin, muscles, and sinews. This energy is unique to each person and is responsible for your individual health and emotional outlook.

When you experience pain, dysfunction, fatigue, or emotional instability, your body is sending you a message. The job of an acupuncturist is to interpret that message and provide a “course correct.” Acupuncture immediately and painlessly directs your body toward a natural state of health and helps you feel better, both physically and mentally, right away.

Acupuncture for Adults Under 70

At Boulder Acupuncture and Herbs, we use acupuncture to treat many chronic and acute conditions. Our specialties include gastrointestinal illnesses, women’s reproductive health (including PMS, irregular periods, and cramps), menopausal discomfort (especially hot flashes, insomnia, and irregular bleeding), infertility, headaches, musculoskeletal pain, depression, anxiety, allergies, and stress management.

Our patients are treated comprehensively, which means we are able to address multiple health concerns at once. If you are searching for a holistic approach to wellness in Boulder that works without the use of medications, acupuncture is an excellent choice.

Acupuncture for Elders

Our practice specializes in improving the quality of life for older adults in Boulder County. We offer elders access to affordable acupuncture in their homes, nursing facilities, retirement communities, and in our office. Our acupuncture treatments are administered in a safe and gentle manner and can be modified to meet the needs of patients with mobility restrictions, memory impairment, loss of vision or hearing, and those receiving hospice or palliative care.

We provide elders the immediate comfort of symptom management, as well as long-term constitutional support and health maintenance. Acupuncture patients consistently show reductions in pain, increased energy, optimized sleep, and improved mental outlook after just a few sessions.

At Boulder Acupuncture and Herbs, we are not just another medical appointment. Our patients look forward to the care they receive, knowing they will be treated with dignity, respect, and loving-kindness.

We regularly treat the following conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Hypertension
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea, constipation, and acid reflux
  • Low appetite
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Colds, flus, and compromised immunity
  • Nausea
  • Muscle numbness and weakness
  • Dizziness and poor balance

Coordinating Help for a Loved One

Boulder Acupuncture and Herbs provides your loved one with professional, caring service. Our acupuncturist can visit patients in their homes, minimizing the need for transportation, or in our office or community acupuncture clinic. Knowing that your loved one is receiving symptom relief and personal connection with our acupuncturist can be a great comfort, especially if you live outside the Boulder area.

We understand that helping an older adult with health concerns includes teaming up with friends, family, and caregivers to provide the most benefit to the patient. We make it easy for caregivers to help their loved one receive acupuncture. Caregivers can work with us over e-mail or phone to discuss treatment options, and we can even arrange payment from afar.

As one caregiver said of our work:

Norah has been treating my 95-year-old-mother at Frasier Meadows for nearly a year. Norah’s treatment is a true high point for my mother each week. Acupuncture helps to relieve pain and also helps to calm and relax her. Acupuncture, provided by Norah with great care and kindness, is a real benefit.

Call or e-mail us today to discuss if acupuncture is a good choice for your loved one.