happy senior woman

Norah Charles is an exemplary acupuncturist. Her caring intuition is present in every moment. I feel better because of my work with her. It is as if I am the only client she sees.

Kati, Boulder

About five months ago, I added acupuncture with Norah Charles to my health and wellness regimen. I was dealing with some chronic low back pain as well as knee and hip pain and depression, the result of long-term, intensive caregiving and the recent death of my husband.

Norah’s acupuncture treatments have been a remarkably beneficial part of my road to recovery. After each treatment, there is a long-lasting ease of pain and a real sense of well-being. Acupuncture is helping me to return to normal walking and a much more vibrant life.

Roma, Boulder

Norah has been treating my 95-year-old-mother at Frasier Meadows for nearly a year. Norah’s treatment is a true high point for my mother each week. Acupuncture helps to relieve pain and also helps to calm and relax her. Acupuncture, provided by Norah with great care and kindness, is a real benefit.

Jean, caregiver

This is a short testimony of how Norah’s work has changed the life of a young adolescent who had for over two years been under the care of doctors who had no clue how to treat her “unexplained” abdominal pain. I took her to Norah’s practice, Boulder Acupuncture and Herbs, a couple of months ago and after just two treatments her pain was almost gone. This young woman has been able to go back to acting like a normal teenager. She’s smiling again and virtually pain free. Thank you, Norah. She mentions you and thanks me every day for having taken her to you. You’re a superstar!!

Amaury, Boulder

It is with great honor that I write today to recognize the positive impact that Norah Charles, L.Ac., has had on my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

I began seeing Norah when she was a student at Southwest Acupuncture College in the summer of 2014. She was recommended to me by a fellow student, as well as the receptionist of the clinic. I am highly needle sensitive, and I was told that Norah had excellent technique. I was nervous for my first visit, but Norah did everything she could to assuage my fears and make me feel comfortable.

The initial interview was lengthy, in-depth, and personal. Norah’s very presence led me to share my challenges with her, knowing that my information was safe with her and would be kept with utmost confidence. She was both professional and caring, exhibiting human characteristics that are often lost in our western, sterile approach to medicine. (I use the word sterile to refer to a lack of emotional expression, rather than an actual state of physical cleanliness.)

It was during this meeting that Norah urged me to see a western clinician for certain symptoms that I’d been experiencing since a recent trip abroad. She said that her capacity to treat what she believed to be my underlying ailment would be limited as a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. It was her insistence that brought me to an infectious disease specialist who rid me of the parasite that had been living in my intestines for at least nine months. I felt like a new person as a result.

I have continued visiting Norah for all sorts of troubles. In each instance, I have been taken seriously. She has never once diminished my personal account of an experience that I have had with my body. She has promptly administered both an acupuncture and herbal treatment that she felt was right for the given moment. I have never left a session disappointed.

I know that with Norah I am in good hands. I look forward to visiting her private practice and continuing with her as a licensed medical professional. I strongly recommend her services, and I hope that she thrives in the market of alternative healers in Boulder, Colorado.

Elizabeth, Longmont

Awesome treatment! I went in to see Norah with a neck injury from a car accident and left feeling so much better. My range of motion improved that day and I have continued to feel better every day. Norah is caring, professional, and attentive to detail. Thank you so much!!!!!

Katrina, Broomfield

Norah Charles interviewed me for 1 hour about my immediate situation as well as my past in terms of health emotionally, spiritually and physically. She treated my infection with some herbal capsules that cured it in 48 hours. I need to say part of the healing took place in my interaction with her. I will definitely return for acupuncture and to gain further knowledge regarding my general health. Truly grateful.

Frances, Boulder