Acupuncture uses the body’s natural healing capacity to restore physical and emotional health. By placing thin, sterile needles in specially selected locations, we gain direct access to deep reserves of energy moving in the skin, muscles, and sinews. This energy is unique to each person and is responsible for your individual health and emotional outlook.

When you experience pain, dysfunction, fatigue, or emotional instability, your body is sending you a message. The job of an acupuncturist is to interpret that message and provide a “course correct.” Acupuncture immediately and painlessly directs your body toward a natural state of health and helps you feel better, both physically and mentally, usually right away.

Acupuncture Rates for Patients over 70

Private Treatment House Call

  • 75-minute in-home initial consultation and treatment: $95
  • 45-minute in-home follow-up treatment: $60
  • Home visit fee: add $20 for treatment in the City of Boulder (Additional fees apply for house calls outside of this area.)

Private Treatment in Our Office or Partnering Eldercare Facility

  • 75-minute initial consultation and treatment: $95
  • 45-minute follow-up treatment: $60

Community Acupuncture Treatment at Frasier Meadows

  • 60-minute initial consultation and treatment: $40
  • 45-minute follow-up treatment: $30

Which Type of Treatment Should I Select?

Our goal is to offer our patients easy access to acupuncture that fits their budget, offers the highest quality care, and accommodates any physical or mental restrictions. We strive to keep our rates low and our treatments flexible so that older adults receive the specialized attention they need as often as they need it.

When choosing which treatment is right for you, consider the following benefits:

Private Treatment House Call

This is an ideal choice for a patient who is homebound, doesn’t drive, prefers to avoid hazardous road or weather conditions, or would simply rather be treated in the comfort of home. During home visits we treat patients in a bed, their favorite chair, or on the couch.

For patients living outside the City of Boulder (total round-trip commute longer than 30 minutes), an additional driving fee will be determined at the time of booking at $10 per additional 15-minute increment based on normal driving conditions.

Private Treatment

Treatment in our office at Frasier Meadows Retirement Community in Boulder, or one of our other partnering retirement communities, is a great decision for patients who want the benefits and privacy of working one-on-one with our acupuncturist. Our office is in a handicapped-accessible building.

Community Acupuncture Treatment

Community acupuncture is the most economical way to make acupuncture a part of your healthcare plan. This type of acupuncture is conducted in a group setting with each patient receiving individualized care in a shared treatment space. Our practitioner does a brief intake and then inserts acupuncture needles in the lower arms and legs, and possibly in the ears, neck, or scalp. Patients are fully clothed and sit in comfortable chairs for 45- or 60-minute sessions. For a more thorough explanation of the benefits of community acupuncture, see Community Acupuncture: Affordable Treatment for Seniors in Boulder.