Welcome to Boulder Acupuncture and Herbs

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Boulder Acupuncture and Herbs excels in treating anxiety, menstrual disorders, hot flashes, chronic pain, hypertension, allergies, fatigue, stress, PMS, arthritis, depression, low appetite, digestive disorders, and many other conditions. Our full-spectrum approach to healthcare focuses on the whole person, enabling patients to recover the vitality, strength, and joy they need to thrive, no matter their age.

In Chinese medicine, body, heart, and mind work together to create a sense of wellbeing. Because of this relationship, our clinical approach is rooted in listening to what each patient needs today. Through acupuncture and herbs, we are able to access deep sources of health already present in your makeup. This encourages your body to unravel its knots, breathe deeply, and move forward with ease.

Our goal at Boulder Acupuncture and Herbs is to help you recover and maintain your health by offering safe alternatives to medication and surgery, compassionate care through difficult times, and inspiration for living your best life.

As part of our commitment to offering acupuncture and herbal medicine to the Boulder community, we have specialized experience in treating older adults, especially those over 70 years old. For acupuncture treatment for patients 70 or over, please see Acupuncture for Elders.

For acupuncture treatment for patients under 70 years old, please see Acupuncture for Adults.

For Chinese herbal consultations, please visit Herbs.

Have questions? Call us at (720) 668-6638 or email info@boulderacupunctureandherbs.com to schedule an appointment or speak with our acupuncturist.

We look forward to helping you!